Aphrodisiacs For Women

The topic of stimulant drugs for men is so common and it is a pity that sometimes the aphrodisiac women are neglected due to this overindulgence in male libido concerns. Even though the topic may be less discussed that male issues there are various natural products that are available to increase libido in females. It is also amusing and ironical that the term aphrodisiac is derived from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and sensuality. It is purported that foods that are shaped like the sexual organs tend to be aphrodisiac in nature. While there are chemical compounds that can also be used to increase libido, these tend to be fraught with side effects and other issues that may surface later. Natural products, foods and herbs are recommended since they do not cause any harm. In fact most of these foods form a part of our natural diet too. If you face a situation here you feel that your libido is on the decline all that you need to do is to increase the proportion of these natural foods in your diet. Do not hope for things to change in a minute. The change can take a few weeks of concerted effort.

While there are aphrodisiacs that can be used by men and women both, aphrodisiacs for women particularly have also been studied. Celery, Cayenne pepper, coriander, saffron, thyme and oregano are some of the herbs that are used in daily cooking. These also act as good stimulants for women and increase the sexual desire to a significant extent. The idea is obviously not to load these spices in the food to the extent that it makes the food unpalatable but to start using slightly more so as the effect starts to take place. Some vegetables like asparagus, carrots and bananas are known to posses these properties. Some foods used in Indian cooking to a large extent also help in stimulating the sexual organs. Despite the peculiar smell ginger, garlic and mustard are known to possess these characteristics that help in stimulation.

An aphrodisiac for women may not particularly be different from those that are used for men. Some of the natural foods mentioned above are good for men too. However, there are some that work better for women as compared to men and are therefore recommended to women in particular.

One of the women aphrodisiacs that is most popular are figs. These are known to be extremely good when it comes to stimulating women from various regions. Fragrances like jasmine, musk and vanilla are also sometimes known to work better with women than men.

It is a good idea to understand your situation and then try and choose one. Sometimes you may have to go through a period of trial and error before you find one that works for you. If you are looking for aphrodisiac women specific products may be a better bet.