Ambergris As An Aphrodisiac

Dating back to Ancient Egypt, aphrodisiacs like ambergris has had a sensuous air about it all throughout history. Ambergris is waxy substance black or dark gray in color that is produced by sperm whales. Sperm whales often eat squid as part of their diet, but their stomach lining can’t tolerate the sharp, beak-shaped part of the squid, quite often irritating their stomach lining. This irritation causes sperm whales to regurgitate, dumping this waste in the sea. This waste precisely is ambergris. Though it was an awful odor when it was just been expelled by a sperm whale, after some time it starts developing a sweet scent. It is precisely for this reason that ambergris was used in ancient times as a perfume, especially in Egypt and China.

Ambergris can be found lying on a beach, mixing up with other stones. Ambergris can usually be found in the coastlines of China, India, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil and even Madagascar, and some islands like the Maldives and the Molucca. However, ambergris is especially commercialized in the Bahamas, more especifically in a place called New Providence.

Though ambergris is mostly know for its sweet scent, attracting perfume manufacturers throughout history, studies have also shown that it can be one of the most effective aphrodisiacs. Some people state that all that is needed is to rub ambergris on the skin and you’ll see it has amazing powers, as far as sexual arousal is concerned. The truth is that ambergris commonly releases pheromones when it’s rubbed against the skin, making it by far one of the most effective aphrodisiacs ever found on Earth. Rather than stigmatizing the idea that people have regarding aphrodisiacs like ambergris, it has created an aura of sensuality and mystery about it, making it even more appealing.

While finding an actual piece of ambergris can be as easy as finding a needle in a haystack, hence the great value it posses, it’s quite easy to take advantage of this substance’s aphrodisiacs effects. Perfume manufactures search worldwide for ambergris to make the most exquisite and valuable perfumes known. Ambergris perfumes does not put whales in danger and most definitely does not enhance whaling. This is because ambergris is picked up in the beach or on the sea, so whales are never directly involved. Hermes’ Eau de Merveilles (Miracle Water) and Creed products are some of the most common perfume manufactures that do use actual ambergris in their perfumes.

Ambergris is among the most sought after aphrodisiacs in the entire world. Besides using it as perfume, ambergris is also used to add flavor to certain foods. Regardless of how you use them, aphrodisiacs like ambergris can do wonders to your love life.